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The Advanced Ethical Hacking course will teach you how to become a pro who can write their custom-made tools for penetration testing. As an aspiring professional in information security it’s the most desired training program you will ever want to be in. This course provides the advanced techniques and hacking tools utilized by hackers and professionals in information security to infiltrate an organization.

This course will make you think like a hacker to preempt future attacks. With this advanced training course, you are placed in the driver’s seat of an environment with the organized process. Here, you will know different ways to achieve the best information security position in their organization; by hacking it! You will probe, run a test, re-hack and secure your systems along with professional CTF.

The major five phases of ethical hacking and how to approach and succeed at getting to your target every time! These five phases include Investigation, Gaining Access, Listing, Maintaining Access, and covering your tracks. We welcome anyone passionate about learning.

Course Details

Training Modules
Chapter 01 - Introduction to the course Chapter 02 - Design Hitech Hack lab Chapter 03 - Advanced Sniffing method
Chapter 04 - Wireless Advanced Tests Chapter 05 - Wifi Reaver Based Hack Chapter 06 - Privilege Escalation Attack
Chapter 07 - Trojan Encode Technique Chapter 08 - Exploiting Over Internet Chapter 09 - Antivirus Evasion methods
Chapter 10 - Rouge Wifi Access points Chapter 11 - Pivoting Windows access Chapter 12 - Cracking Hash Passwords
Chapter 13 - Android Vulnerable apps Chapter 14 - Microsoft Office Injection Chapter 15 - Winrar Based Exploitations
Chapter 16 - Window 7 Fake Updation Chapter 17 - Automated SQL Injection Chapter 18 - Infecting Wi-fi Downloads
Chapter 19 - Wireless Phishing Attack Chapter 20 - Cobalt Strike & Armitage Chapter 21 - Busting Window Machines
Chapter 22 - Advance Win Exploitation Chapter 23 - Meterpreter Post Exploit Chapter 24 - Hacking Home DSL Router
Chapter 25 - Kali Linux Black Box Tests Chapter 26 - Exploit Life Long Session Chapter 27 - Clearing Logs & Activities
Training Details
Training Mode Class time Course Duration Price
Online Live Fast Track 70 minutes Daily 15 Days $450
Online Live Normal Mode 70 minutes Daily 25 Days $550
Distance Training Videos Watch As Much, Any Time No limit $300

Contact for Demo / Payment Related Queries :- info@HackingTeacher.com    |   Call/Watsapp: +91 7508-707-707   |   Free Demo Skype Id:- Officialvishalsharma

Course Highlights

Totally Practical
Latest Technology
Black Hat Tools
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Hacking Teacher Online Cloud Labs

Hacking teacher Lab is the most refined IT Security Virtual Lab. With our Lab, you have a secure place to practice any IT Security course. Several users make use of our Lab to practice in real-time built by the Hacking teacher IT Security research team.

You get a new VPN channel, servers, and workstations created for you to access the lab network which makes you have a unique isolated platform for each new request.

The Ideal way to practice IT Security

You do not need to pay for what you don’t use as we offer an on-demand plan where you buy "lab-time." You are billed per minute whenever you are connected to the lab which gives you good value for your money.

Within a matter of seconds, you will get your lab deployed on our infrastructure. After practice, you can save your progress for a later time, sometimes days. You will get new VPN channel, servers, and workstations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide special trainings on Ethical Hacking, So we only allow invite based buying. You can contact us on Skype, Email, Watsapp for a Invite. Once you get our Invite you can pay via Western Union, Bank Transfers and start your Training.

We have Three Different modes (Normal Mode Live, Fast Track Live & Distance Kit). Normal Mode is where we provide Online One-on-One Training with a normal pace. Fast Track is same online One-on-One but with Fast pace & finished in lesser days. Distance kit is video series which you have to watch on your own and in case of any query contact our trainer support.

Yes, we do offer a free demo of Live Training with our trainer One-on-One, So that you can judge our quality, knowledge & way of teaching before you enrol. We will also guide you that which course you should start with, then if you like the demo then you can go ahead with payments and start your training.

Yes you can pay in Instalments for Live Online Modes, You can pay First half before the training starts, then Second half after the 40% of Training. We also offer discounts in case of either multiple course purchases or for a group of students.

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