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CSWD | Certified Secure Website Designer


CSWD is an online certification designed for beginners in domain of information security. This covers all the modules after which anyone can enter in field of IT Security & Ethical Hacking. Course is designed by team of experts to provide real life scenarios and hands-on experience to students. This course is ideal for beginners only. Students from 30+ countries around the world are having this certification and regarded as best certification made for beginners.

The online Web Design labs are also designed on real life examples. This empowers students to practice online modules, without building their own labs.


Over 85 % practical oriented              Latest Building Techniques               Includes Designing Tools            Hands-on Online Labs


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Training Duration : 10 Days (Certified Black Hat Trainer with One-on-One Training Online)
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Training Mode: Online Instructor-Led Training [Totally Compatible with student Time Zone]

Course Price: 350 $ (Includes Certification + Access to Online Labs)

Chapter 1 - Website Designing Basics
Chapter 2 - HTML and CSS Concepts
Chapter 3 - Dreamweaver Designing
Chapter 4 - HTML Tags & Attributes
Chapter 5 - Search Engines Optimize
Chapter 6 - Java Scripts & PHP Code
Chapter 7 - Website Security Designs
Chapter 8 - CSS Layout and Controls
Chapter 9 - Building PHP Login Panel

Chapter 10 - Wordpress fundamental
Chapter 11 - Blocking Unknown Bots
Chapter 12 - Linking Cloud Protection
Chapter 13 - Domain & Hosting Setup
Chapter 14 - Tracking Website Visitors
Chapter 15 - Blocking SQL Injections
Chapter 16 - Responsive Web Designs
Chapter 17 - HTTP Protocol Concepts
Chapter 18 - Upload Website on Server


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