Online Hacking Course Learn Ethical Hacking Online CHSE Hacking

Online Hacking Course and Learn Ethical Hacking Online

CHSE | Certified Hacking & Security Expert (Black Hat)


CHSE is one of the most demanded certification by students worldwide. It completely relies on practical based Ethical Hacking modules. This course is designed by team of professionals to provide real life scenarios and hands-on experience to students. This course is ideal for everyone who is either beginner or already working in domain of Information Security. Students from 70+ countries around the world are having CHSE certification and regarded as best certification based on Ethical Hacking.

The online labs are also designed on real life examples. This empowers students to practice all their modules online, without building their own labs.


Over 90 % practical oriented              Latest Hacking Techniques               Includes Black Hat Tools            Hands-on Online Labs


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  • Online Live Training
  • Online Fast Track
  • Fly Me A Trainer

Training Duration : 13 Hours of Video Training | HD Videos
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Training Mode: Distance Training Kit (Video Training DVD, Latest Tools DVD, Official Books & Trainer Support)

Course Price: 250 $ (Includes Certification + Future Updates)

Chapter 1 - Introduction to course
Chapter 2 - Dragon Hacking Steps
Chapter 3 - Hacking CCTV Cameras
Chapter 4 - Google Hacking Strings
Chapter 5 - Fake Calling world wide
Chapter 6 - Advance Email Phishing
Chapter 7 - Windows based attacks
Chapter 8 - Sniffing LAN Passwords
Chapter 9 - Kali Linux Fundamental
Chapter 10-Email Hacking Methods

Chapter 11 - Trojan Hiding Methods
Chapter 12 - Hacking Online Games
Chapter 13 - Wireless (Wifi) Hacking
Chapter 14 - Hacking Home Routers
Chapter 15 - Advanced Key Loggers
Chapter 16 - Hacking Into Websites
Chapter 17 - Basics of SQL Injection
Chapter 18 - IP Scanning Techniques
Chapter 19 - Make software keygens
Chapter 20 - Denial of Service Attack

Chapter 21 - Attacking Credit Cards
Chapter 22 - Email Harvestor Attack
Chapter 23 - Exploit With Kali Linux
Chapter 24 - Encrypting Techniques
Chapter 25 - Email Spoofing Method
Chapter 26 - Data Hiding Technique
Chapter 27 - Recover Stolen Laptop
Chapter 28 - USB Forensics & Attack
Chapter 29 - DNS and DHCP Attacks
Chapter 30 - Hiding IP over Internet


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